Best Seo Course

In this video I briefly go over a few of the Best SEO Courses and Search Engine Optimization Training you have access to online in 2020 and beyond.

Learning SEO for a beginner

I always encourage anyone who is looking to explore SEO and learn from a search engine optimization course that they first make sure they really are interested in this skill and understand the basics.

There are plenty of free SEO courses online like Hubspot and also many Youtubers that can give you great free information and tutorials on this subject.

Best SEO Course To Learn Affiliate Marketing SEO:
My Recommendation is Authority Hackers. You can watch their free training webinar here

What is the best SEO Course? Here is my full blog post on this topic:

This is a common question but it also has many answers depending on what type of business you want to learn SEO for.

Search Engine Optimization is incredible for any type of business. Local businesses, ecom, affiliate marketing or even big brands and corporate companies.

If you want to take your interest in SEO to the next level then I suggest doing your due diligence and finding the top SEO training courses online by creators that have case studies and proven results.


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Here I will share a few of the best SEO courses that are free
Yoast SEO Academy
Hubspot SEO
SEMRush Academy

There is also Udemy which is a very cheap platform that offers all types of online training courses when it comes to internet marketing.